The Food That Built America

Photo Courtesy: [Daderot/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain]
The culinary arts have always been a fascinating historical subject, and most of the specific dietary habits of Americans started to be documented at the start of the Revolutionary War in 1775. As far as the food that built America, there are countless masterpieces that are synonymous with American culture, all of which have roots in North American indigenous culture, and all of the people who flocked to the continent at the height of colonialism and beyond (the 1600s to the present day). Over the past few centuries, the U.S. has become known as the melting pot, and this certainly shows when exploring the foods that built America seeing that all of our favorite dishes have a foundation from so long ago! Whether you are familiar with the northern, southern, eastern, or western parts of the U.S., come join us as we discover the history behind the food that built America!